jOG is a Must-Have Gadget jOG is definitely the must have gadget for your Nintendo Wii console that allows you to dictate your video game character’s motion by running on the spot.
Easy To Operate Anyone can operate jOG by simply attaching it directly into your Wiimote and Nunchuck and you’re good to go.
jOG = Fun Family Time jOG is equally popular with adults and teenagers. Play games with your kids and have a blast!!

Burn Calories

Using jOG can help you burn a whopping 400 calories in an hour. Can you even think of a better way to burn fat than playing your favorite game?

Easy To Operate

And it is actually very simple to operate, simply connect it directly into your Wiimote and Nunchuck and you’re all set.

Compatible With 100+ games

jOG works with more than One hundred different video games, with more being added weekly!

Four reasons why you should buy jOG

1jOG is extremely versatile, works with lots of games.

2Turn playing time in to a full body workout.

3Kid Friendly: Kids love playing with the jOG.

4Enhances your game playing experience.