Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My jOG seems dead, what should I do?

A. If jOG appears to be dead time, try disconnecting it from the Wii Remote and reconnecting it. It is vital to make sure that your joystick on the Nunchuk is within the central position while connecting jOG.

Q. Can I use jOG with any game?

A. jOG works with current video games which use the Nunchuk joystick to regulate character movement. For a full list of games click here.

Q. Is jOG compatible with any other gaming console?

A. We also have a PS2 version out but this particular jOG is only works with Wii.

Q. Does jOG require batteries?

A. jOG doesn’t require batteries.

Q. How can I use jOG for fitness?

A. jOG includes a built-in pedometer functionality which counts the steps you are taking. For every step you are taking, the step count is increased by 1 and the calorie estimate gets calculated. Sixty minutes using jOG can burn something like 400kcal.

Q. How do I find out how many calories I have burned?

A. You can get to the Calorie Setting by using a double button click. Once activated ‘kcal’ is shown for about 1 second and then the projected number of calories is displayed for about 5 seconds, in tenths of kcal e.g. 2345.7.

Q. Do I still need to control the direction of my game character?

A. Yes, jOG handles the motion of the on-screen character however, you still have to operate the joystick to manipulate the path of your character.

Q. I heard there is a Couch Potato Mode, is this true?

A. Yes, a quick press on the button changes couch potato mode on or off.